I came to Millennium High School with one agenda: make the changes needed in high school education to create globally productive 21st century students with the skills, both socially and mentally, to succeed in a rapidly changing world.  This idea has been at the forefront of all the decisions I have made at the school from the focus on technology and collaborative studies to the hiring of what I feel is the world's greatest staff.  

At MHS, I and the administrative staff have made sure our students are a part of an education experience that is up to date with today's technology and trends.  Our students will use ipods and laptops, they will participate in the current "green" revolution and be all the better citizens for it. Our curriculum is designed and our teachers and technology primed to make the most out of the high school education of your child. 

I have always reached for higher ideals and will make sure the staff does as well.  We will not settle at the top, but continue to see just how far we can take this educational journey.  


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