The administration at MHS is second to none, with some of the top teachers and administrators in the United States on our team.  It is our goals to create and sustain the best, most relevant and, of course, most up to date programs we can by staying on top of all social and educational trends and finding the world's top teachers. 


Area of Instruction

Millennium Distinction

Mr. Dan Layton



Former Biology Teacher, Mr. Layton’s drive for change in education has been the focus behind Millennium. 

Dr. James Reed

Assistant Principal

Not only has former principal, Dr. Reed, not missed a day of work for 25 years but he also has what it takes to help lead our school into the next generation of education.

Ms. Addie Gaines

Assistant Principal

This creative assistant principal and technology guru has been a major force behind the difference at Millennium.

Ms. Harriet Bell


Assistant Principal

Not only is Harriet Bell a motivator of students, she is in charge of our staff development programs to keep them on the cutting edge.

Mr. Stedman

Student Development

Coming to us from the business world, Mr. Stedman has an eye for the proper development of the youth and brings his fresh ideas for the well-rounded student to table.

Mr. Steve Marriotti

Dean of Students

Mr. Marriotti has not only created the NFTE but this achiever is not afraid of a challenge and does whatever he can to reach the students.

Mr. George Howard

Athletic Director

A five time Rodeo Champion and one great athlete himself, Mr. Howard recognizes the importance of athletics on the youth.


Guidance and Collaboration Advisors

With a multitude of responsibilities, the guidance department handles the class arrangements and Project Based Electives of our students with ease.  They help students set up, develop, and implement their three course connected yearly projects and make sure the students have everything they need to succeed.  The Collaboration Advisors are jacks of all trades and help the students to stay on track during their collaboration hour at school. 


Area of Instruction

Millennium Distinction

Ms. Margo Toth

Guidance Counselor 9

This former teacher always knows how to find the strengths in her students and embraces current trends to let kids know the direction the future is heading.

Mr. Eric Hoffman

Guidance Counselor 9

Mr. Hoffman is a caring counselor that has developed an amazing rapport with his students and has the real world experience to help his students find their way in the future.

Ms. Gelmarie Gacia

Guidance Counselor 10

Ms. Garcia has always pushed her students toward new explorations and uses those skills to get her students to try new things.

Mr. Andy Baumgartner

Guidance Counselor 10

This former kindergarten teacher, and Georgia teacher of the year, has enough enthusiasm and energy to inspire any student to do their best.

Ms. Janet Popper

Guidance Counselor 11

Ms. Popper is very connected with the community and uses that experience to help her students reach her high expectations.

Mrs. Pat Smith

Guidance Counselor 11

This life long learner is a motivational counselor who really relates to her students.

Mrs. Nikki Bowers

Guidance Counselor 12

This insightful and innovative teachers really knows how to get our seniors thinking about the “real world.”

Ms. Maureen Kane

Guidance Counselor 12

Ms. Kane enables our seniors to create their own educational path and has students take ownership in their senior projects.

Ms. Dawn Mill

Collaborative Advisor

This one room schoolteacher is the perfect model for being head collaborative advisor.  Her versatility is as impressive as her energy for helping students.

Dr. Donald Tedesco

Collaborative Advisor

This differentiated instructor knows how to get the students thinking in our state of the art collaboration computer center.

Mr. Harvey Wellman

Collaborative Advisor

This former small school principal is dedicated to students, especially keeping them motivated during collaborative studies.

Ms. Mary Lara

Collaborative Advisor

Ms. Lara is very dedicated to the students and their achievements and her ability to achieve cooperation between students and staff is second to none.


Special Education and English Second Language

This department is a collection of the world's finest special education instructors and they truly make a difference in the lives of the students that they teach.  


Area of Instruction

Millennium Distinction

Mrs. Nancy Barnett

Special Education

This special education teacher is  willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate the learning of her students. 

Sister Anne Gelles

Blind Education

As a specially trained teacher of the blind, Sister Gelles performs wonders with our special education students.

Ms. Rhonda Nachamkin

English Second Lang.

This bold teacher know students will rise to whatever expectation she sets for them and uses that motivation to encourage her students.

Ms. Xochitl Fuhirmanebert

English Second Lang.

The only thing longer than her name is the number of grants she has written for the ESL program. 


Core Teachers

These teachers are anything but ordinary.  They meet with the students 5 times per two weeks and set up the online collaborative studies for the students in their non meeting days.  The students will receive a well rounded education from our core staff to get them ready for their PBE projects. 


Area of Instruction

Millennium Distinction

Ms. Kelly MonahanDiNoia


This Latin teacher is anything but ordinary, and loves to make Latin relevant in today culture.

Mr. Myrin Blosser


You won’t find this outdoorsman in his class much.  Mr. Blosser loves to get real experience out in the real world to make connections for his students.

Mr. Randy Albrandt


This Colorado native is a laser optics expert and bring his passion of lasers to classroom.

Mr. Chris Wilkins


With Mr. Wilkins it’s not staus quo it’s status “GO.”  This Hoosier is always ready for change and truly believes in education.

Mr. Steve Jacquier


This chemistry teacher brings his passion for Fetal Alcohol syndrome research right into the classroom and has his students help in the clinical trials. 

Mrs. Debbie Wallis

Intro to Technology

This likable teacher will have every student in the school freshman year so that they can get acquainted with digital technology and ethics with exciting projects from her background a science teacher. 

Ms. Becky Winters


This determined teacher is a true inspiration to students and uses those skills to enhance the math department at MHS.

Ms. Robyn Sturgean


Ms. Sturgeon knows two things; quilting and math, and uses them both to teach her geometry class.

Ms. Tierney Cahill


With real life experience running for office and her love for teaching, Ms. Cahill is ready to create a 21st citizen.

Mr. Louis Bryant


Our very own African explorer that cares so deeply for his students.  Mr. Brant uses his real life experiences to teach about society.

Mr. Norman Conrad

World History

With his social studies background, and desire to help student learn, the world is the stage for this class.

Mr. Michael Randall

Language Arts

Mr. Randall uses his background an heritage to get students  to understand their own culture in his language arts class.

Ms. Patti Shafer

Personal Finance

This must take course by Ms. Shafer is as practical as they come. From the stock market to the skills to stay on top of your finances, this class has it all.

Ms. Maureen McQuerry

Computer Apps.

This teacher is all about the Journey, not the destination.  His creative projects and student-centered class are one of a kind.

Ms. Sarah Sink

Physical Education

As the obesity epidemic increases in America, we are glad to have this athlete running the P.E. department at MHS.

Ms. Lisa Alsion Sink

Advanced P.E.

After leaving Ms. Sink’s class students are stronger from the inside out thanks to this truly caring teacher. 


Project Based Electives

At the heart of our educational philosophy here at MHS, the Project Based Electives allow our students to pick three classes and combine them into one year long multidisciplinary project.  The students get to use their own interests and be the driving force behind their own learning.  These teachers are just here to facilitate the learning, bring their expertise, and allow our students to flourish.  


Area of Instruction

Millennium Distinction

Dr. Walter Turnbull


Fomer Harlem Boys Choir director, Dr. Turnbull is has been deemed one of the 15 greatest men on Earth.

Ms. Debbie Scesa


If opera is your idea of beauty, this is the teacher for you.  Help develop all aspects of the MHS opera with this teacher.

Ms. Judy Gulledge


Science Marine Biology

This aqua lab instructor is one of a kind and student will run projects from an oyster farm to dolphin studies.

Mr. Paul Brissette



Mr. Brissette teaches our art problem solving class that centers around student projects.

Ms Conni Gordon


Ms. Gordon teaches our creativity class as she is widly creative herself. 

Mr. Charles Bullard


If you have ever seen Mr. Holland’s Opus you know the kind teacher we have here as the movies was about him. 

Ms. Amy Miller

Marine Wildlife- Behaviorist

Ms. Amy Miller works hand and hand with Ms. Gulledge to run the dolphin research lab at MHS. 

Mr. Harvey Buriston


With the green revolution at hand, we are lucky to have this green thumb at MHS leading our students in 21st century green techniques.

Master Jun Lee

Tae Kwon Do

From fist of fury to the art of discipline, Master Lee will transform you body, spirit and mind with his lessons.

Ms. Estelle Aden

Voice and Acting

Ms. Aden comes to us from Hofstra and runs the drama department. 

Mr. Rob Seidmann

Culinary Arts

Bake a cake and build your confidence with the “sweet” instructor of culinary arts at MHS.

Mrs. Dorothy Kometanikitaka


Mrs. K, as the students call her, uses the power of music in all situation of life and brings a unique perspective to students from her real life imprisonment experience.

Mr. Michael Schmidt


Use your art skills to better the community in Mr. Schmidt’s Civic Arts class.

Ms. Sally Fairchild

Family Consumer Science

Ms. Fairchild is a master of the differentiated instruction and uses that skill to make everything relevant to the students in her FCS class.

Ms. Marzet Farris

Industrial Arts, Tech

Mr. Farris is perfect for PBE as he believes so deeply in the student centered projects and peer learning and uses those skills to make the most of Industrial arts class.

Mr. Lu Yi

Advanced P.E. – Circus Arts

This circus acrobat has been training circus performers for years and brings his special talent to MHS for our students to enjoy. 


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